Movie Review – Transformers The Last Knight

In this the fifth film of the series – and some say it may be the last – the earth is still cleaning up from the big battle at the end of the last film. The decepticons are planning something and the autobots are in hiding since all transformers are being hunted down. The film starts with a scene from medieval times that sets up the whole plot of this movie. That is all you get about the story from me since I don’t want any spoilers.

I feel this is the second best film in the series after the first one. While I enjoyed all of them for the most part the middle films were mainly action, a few one-liners and great visuals. While this film has all of that in spades, the story is more interesting with the historical implications and the wonderful performances by Anthony Hopkins as the somewhat eccentric keeper of the flame and Stanley Tucci’s short but great role as Merlin in the beginning. Hopkins especially brings wit and charm that has been missing in the previous films. Mark Wahberg plays his role with a little more depth than in the last film and, in my humble, is a better main character then Shia LeBouf ever was.

There were only two things I didn’t like and they are somewhat minor. Although the film was long at over 2.5 hours, some scenes still felt chopped which distracted from the flow. The second was the odd way they did the end credits. The main cast and production names were ran over a foreshadow scene that sets up the next film (if they make another one) but as soon as that was done they ran the rest of the credits not as a roll but in blocks that moved so fast you couldn’t possibly read any of them. For someone like me who likes to watch the credits for various reasons this was disappointing. For most people it is a non-issue. I suspect this was done because if the film was much longer it would eliminate one showing per day in each theater and cut into the $.

Overall if you are a fan of the series you will enjoy this film and like many of these big action films it really is better in a theater. I give it 7 of 10.


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