Book Review – Rise by Mira Grant

For all you fans of the Newsflesh series this is the culmination of that series in a way. It is a collection of novellas plus one short story that cover a variety of events in this universe. Some involve familiar characters, some tell the story of someone or something referenced in one of the stories and others fill in the details of what happened to beloved characters. I cannot stress enough how you should read this if you want some closure on a few things from the series because once you finish this you will be happy to know what happened.

The style of the work is very consistent and is written with love for the characters and the reader. Grant always writes in a page-turning style and never bogs the story down with unnecessary prose. I also find that the plausibility of the science as well as the believability of the characters and their actions make these stories seem very real.

I am glad I read this because I am happy and satisfied that this whole series is now neatly tied up. If you have not read the previous books in the series you may want to before starting this, although a few stories do hold up well on their own.

I give this 5 bookmarks out of 5.