Movie Review – Despicable Me 3

In this film Gru is still working for the Anti Villainy League and the opening scene is full of action as Gru and Lucy try to catch a new arch villain who is the main villain in the entire film. The result sets up the whole story line which includes Gru’s long lost twin Dru.

As in the previous films there is plenty of action, laughs (mostly from the minions) , tender moments from the “the girls” and a twist or two. For me the highlight of the film was when the Minions go Gilbert & Sullivan. This is classic stuff and I can see replaying this scene multiple times when the BluRay comes out. I also founds the scenes where Lucy is trying very hard to be a Mom the the girls to be well done.

Overall this movie is another steady effort and worth seeing especially if you like the series. Early box office has been underwhelming so this may be the last one unless they do another Minions which could show up in a couple years. Oh and you may not be able to easily tell which character Julie Andrews voices and also you will understand what all the internet buzz about pink toilet paper has been.

I give the film 7 out of 10.