TV Musings

We don’t watch much TV in the summer (which allows us to catch up on movies) but I thought it was time to mention a few shows:

Salvation – This is a new summer series on CBS that is about an asteroid that will hit the earth on 6 months. Of course it is a planet killer and we have the usual plot lines as to the government trying to deflect it and a tech wizard knowing that is futile so let’s use ark ships to save humanity. The first episode was interesting even though the characters were all thin. We’ll see what develops over the next few episodes.

Candy Crush – The trailers for the show looked interesting – the show not so much. First of all they are using celebrity type contestants from past CBS shows like Survivor and Big Brother which are not shows I care about at all. Then the competition is not really that interesting. To me it looks like a way for CBS to try to capture younger audiences but it failed miserably. It is off the DVR in one week. Which may be about how long it lasts on the network.

The Wall – Not a new show but new for summer and while I like the Q&A part and the ball drops, the scripted (or at least directed) angst and emotion between the husband and wife is getting old fast. A good show to watch while catching up on social media on your phone or tablet.

Penn and Teller Fool Us – We love P&T and this show brings out some great magicians and the trick at the end of each episode is often fun so we are happy it is back for another season. Allison is back as host and the real question is whether she will wear the same red pantsuit for every episode like the blue dress from last season. Maybe they shot them all in one day or maybe the wardrobe budget is minimal. In either case the magic is the focus and always enjoy this.

That’s all I have to say about summer TV for now. 


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